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Set Embroidery dogs


Difficulty: Beginner

This is a machine embroidery design not a patch. You need to transfer the files to your embroidery machine to use it.

ize hoop: 4x4 hoop

Size and stitches:
Bernese Mountain Dog: 3.50x3.48 inches/10849 stitches
Dachshund: 3.63x3.38 inches/10543 stitches
Dalmatin: 3.72x3.62 inches/7332 stitches
Heart: 3.83x3.56 inches/5115 stitches
Miniature Pinscher:2.74x3.81 inches/8157 stitches
Pitbull: 3.70x3.67 inches/7496 stitches
Ridgeback: 3.82x3.45 inches/5963 stitches


Resizing or editing of the designs is not recommended and we can not guarantee the quality of the designs if you alter them in any way.

Thank you