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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

1.1  If a coupon code is available on my website and the customer does not enter the coupon code in the designated place to deduct the discount, I do not refund the discount as it is not the fault of the retailer but the customer. Where to place the coupon is indicated on the "website navigation" page which can be found at the bottom of every page of this site.

1.2 I also do not refund if the customer accidentally puts more than one design in the cart - again, this is the customer's fault and not the seller's - you must check your order before paying .

1.3 I do not refund the money even if you make a double purchase despite the notice on the website which is here:
In this case I can only offer a replacement design.
If you have already purchased the design, the double purchase app will not allow you to add the design to your cart, but if you add the same design to your cart from your wishlist ( you have not removed the design from your wishlist) you can add the design to your cart. Therefore, you must check your wishlist after purchase and remove the purchased design from the list.

1.4 I also do not offer refund even if the customer purchases a different design than they intended. For example, a customer only uses a 4x4 hoop but purchases a design for a 5x7 hoop.
Hoop size, stitch count, part size is always listed in the design description and you must read this information before placing the design in your cart.

Always check your shopping cart before paying. If you have entered a coupon code for a discount , check to see if you have deducted the discount. Also check the number of items you have put in your cart and last but not least, check your wish list to see if you have already put a design you have purchased in your cart but have put it again from your wish list. Unfortunately, these are the most common mistakes that customers make and in these cases it is not the fault of the seller.

If you have any problem, contact me.