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Questions and answers to some problems

Account creation and approval issue.
question 1:
I asked to create an account, but I can't login in.
1. You have incorrectly filled in all fields in your account creation request. It is necessary to specify the physical address - not the PO box, it is also necessary to answer all the questions.
If your account is not approved within 24 hours - please contact me at my email :
Learn more about accounts here:
2. Wait for account approval. Every account creation request must be approved.

Problem login in to your account.
question 2:
I have an account but can't log in. Why?
1. Request a password reset.
2. Your account was created but has not been used for many months and is in silent mode and needs to be reactivated. To activate your account, you must contact me at my email:

Problem receiving emails with designs.
question 3:
After purchase I did not receive an email with purchased designs. Why?
1. Check your spam folder and other folders in the email - occasionally the email is stored here.
2. Some emails must be set up to receive e-mail because they can block the server from which the e-mail is sent.
3. If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes, contact us and we will again your designs to your email.
- our FB page :
Fb group : Embroidery By TM - Embroidery designs by Teresa
You can also contact us via the web form:

When are we online?
I am online from 11.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m. / Los Angeles time zone.
During these hours, I will answer your questions and account creation requirements as soon as possible - usually within 2 hours.
Unfortunately, if you contact us or request an account outside this time, I can't respond or approve your account because I live in a different time zone.
Please be patient as soon as I am online I will pay attention to your request or email.
Thank you very much.