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Website rules and help

If you decide to support my business and website operation in this way, I would be very grateful. Every donation is a big help and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you

1 . Account creation and approval

1.2 When registering, it is necessary to fill in all fields in the form truthfully, including full mailing address. I do not accept P.O. Box addresses.

You must have an account to buy at our store, which we must approve. It is not possible to buy our designs without approved account.
If the information in the registration is untrue - the account will not be approved. As a website owner and copyright owner, I reserve the right not to approve an account without giving a reason.
Account approval takes from 1 - 24 hours ( depending on time zone)

1.3 I can answer your emails or questions from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM CET
I can approve your account or respond emails during these hours only because I live in a different time zone.
Thank you for your understanding.

1.4 If you have already purchased in our store, you do not have to create an account - your data is already in the system. If you're having trouble signing in to your account - you've requested a password reset, but your password reset email isn't coming to your email - you'll need to contact us by email:
Also check your spam email and other folders in your email.

1.5 I reserve the right to refuse a service create an account, cancel an account, or modify an account. Account closure occurs when false account information is detected or unethical and rude behavior on the part of the customer against the seller.
Or discovering that a customer is a member of illegal embroidery design sharing groups on the internet.

1.6 Silent account : If the account is not used for 1 year, the account goes into silent mode - this means that it is a "silent" account and it is necessary to reactivate it. In this case, you must contact me on our email so that I can send an activation email to your email for a account activation.
In this email, click on "account activation" and follow the instructions on the website: enter the password and email and the account is reactivated.

Please note: the first purchase of any amount must be made within 1 month of account activation or the account will be cancelled, as will the group membership.
The reason for this is to prevent "silent" accounts (accounts that are created and approved but not used and I have to pay fees for these inactive accounts. Thank you for your understanding.

If a dispute is filed , your account is also automatically closed until the case is resolved.

I will not tolerate any disrespect for the nationality, country or culture of other countries.
I reserve the right to refuse to create or terminate your account if you are a member of any illegal suggestion sharing group on FB or anywhere else on the internet, or if I find that you have illegally obtained my designs.

2. How to download the purchased design:

2.1 What happens after the purchase - payment:
email No.1: Purchase confirmation
email no. 3: Email with designs.

2.2 If you do not receive an emails- please set your email box according to the Shopify instructions:
"Customers who use free mailbox providers that have strict rules surrounding what emails are able to get through to their inboxes. The technical support team suggest for the customers that are seeing this happen consistently, is that they white list mailers for Shopify by adding and to their mailbox whitelist so they don't run into any issues. Because this delivery email gets sent from we can't do anything to accommodate more than we're already setup to, but some mailboxes will simply just refuse emails from us, and short of whitelisting, there isn't much else we're able to offer."
Or contact me at my email:
Please make sure your order contains the correct email.

2.3 - Download design page:

2.4 I do not send designs on CDs or USBs! The files are not intended for commercial use.

3. I create the following formats:

DST, EXP, HUS, VIP, VP3, JEF, SHV, CSD, XXX, PES, EMB. You can find the available formats in the description of each design .
Not all designs can be converted to those formats - therefore, read carefully the description of the design. We do not create ART format!

4. Payment
4.1 Paypal : Payments can be made via PayPal by credit card, bank account or PayPal balance. You do not need a PayPal account to be able to use a credit card for payment. There is an option to pay via credit card when you see the first PayPal login screen. If using a credit card linked to a PayPal account, you will need to set this option in your Pay Pal settings prior to payment.
If you want to pay by credit card through Paypal, you have to have cookies turned on.
Without a proper cookie setting, card payment will not be accepted. PLEASE note that Paypal eCHECK PAYMENTS are not instant payments! This method of payment requires a clearance period, and download links will not be released until the payment has cleared.

Please note that I cannot check your paypal accounts or credit cards and if you have a problem paying you must contact your bank - only you and your bank can resolve this issue.

4.2 Credit card : You can also now pay by credit card through the payment gateway.

5.How to contact me?
1) in my Facebook group
2) in a private message on Facebook
3) on the Facebook website
4) in live chat here on the website
5) via the contact form here on the website
6) at my email:
7) on my Instagram

6. How are purchased designs delivered?
6.1 All of purchased designs are supplied in a ZIP file.

7. Newsletter
7.1 Here are the rules for sending the newsletter:

7.2 If you already have an account and want to subscribe to the newsletter, contact me at my email:

8. Website navigation
8.1 Here is a link to the website navigation page - here you will learn everything about the website, how to navigate the website and more :

9. Refund Policy

10. Copyright Embroidery by Tm - designs by Teresa: