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How to become a newsletter subscriber?

1) When creating an account, check the box for the newsletter.
2) contact me at my email :

Conditions for subscribing to the newsletter

1) You must have an account created and approved in my store.

2) The newsletter is sent to regular customers.

3) Newsletter: If you have not made one purchase of at least $1 in the last 4 months, the newsletter will no longer be sent to your email and coupon codes for new designs will not be valid.

4) VIP newsletter and special VIP newsletter and membership in the VIP group:
The VIP newsletter is sent to subscribers whose minimum total value of all orders is $70 and whose last purchase was made in the last 4 months with a minimum value of $2.
( If this condition is not met, membership in the VIP group will be terminated, as well as sending the VIP newsletter and it will not be possible to redeem the coupon code for new designs ).

5) For new subscribers : the first newsletter is sent after the first paid purchase.

6) I don't send newsletters when I introduce a new design, and I don't send newsletters during quick sales.
I don't like it when a customer's email is cluttered with unnecessary emails.
I usually send out a newsletter once a month with a main discount, which is always different than the discount listed on the website.
For newsletter subscribers, the discount is higher.
If you are a VIP, I send the newsletter with the highest discounts and design for free and you can download it in my VIP group. Invitations to the VIP group are sent out by me only, without my invitation it is not possible to join the group.

If you receive an invitation to join the VIP group, you must join during the newsletter period.
So if you receive an invitation on, for example, 20 January and the newsletter is valid until 27 January - you must join the VIP group during this period. If you apply after the newsletter expires, you will no longer be approved for membership and will have to rejoin the following month if you receive an invitation again.

7) When will the newsletter no longer be sent?
VIP and other members:
Example 1: The newsletter is issued on the 22nd of the month, usually the newsletter is valid for 7 days. If your membership expires from the 22nd - 29th of the month, this newsletter will no longer be sent to your email.
Members from my VIP  special group:
For VIP members in my VIP group who have indicated in my VIP group that they would like to be notified of their expiring membership, an email notification is sent.
Also, the same rule about sending newsletters as in the first point applies.

Whenever a new newsletter is released, this information is posted in my FB group as the first post.

If you do not receive the newsletter you must contact me at my email.
I do not address questions about the newsletter in my FB group.

I had to set up terms for sending the newsletter, as I pay a fee for each newsletter sent. Thank you for your understanding.