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Custom Digitizing

I have also added custom digitization to our offer.
I want to continue to focus on creating lace for my website, and therefore I will only digitize simple logos, images, outlines, inscriptions on request.
I will not digitize on request lace and complex images such as coats of arms, photographs, etc. 

I love digitization and I also have my own company for custom embroidery, so creating designs is my daily job, because I have to create embroidery programs for textiles, patches and more.

What information do I need?
1) I need an image - preferably PNG, JPG or PDF - don't send me images in curves, because I don't use automatic digitization, but all my designs  that I embroider to order are created manually - not automatically in the program. Automatic digitization is not digitization, and no good designer uses this technique.

2) I need to know your format that you are using. If you use more formats - write me all formats.

3) I need to know the size of the embroidery you require and I also need to know the fabric on which the design will be embroidered. Each fabric has its own specifications and sometimes it is necessary to create a program for a given fabric (stitch density, stitch length, under sewing, etc.)

4) all this information must be sent to my email:

What will be the price and how long will it take to create the program?
Price: the price will depend on the complexity of creating the program. I will not charge the price for seconds or minutes, but according to the complexity.
For example, if I digitize an inscription that has two words and it is a simple font, the price will be lower than the price for an inscription that has six words and a complex font.
If you want to know the approximate price, send the image to my email and I will write you the price for digitization.
Program creation: I will try to create a program as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction. The shortest time to create the program will be 48 hours from the delivery of all materials for embroidery. But again, it depends on the complexity of the image.

What will I not digitize?
- I won't digitize lace.
- I will not digitize copyrighted images (if you give me the written consent or the contract you have entered into with the owner, including the signature and stamp, that you are authorized to digitize the logo or image, digitization is possible - without this permission digitization is not possible) - of course I will verify this information.
- I will not digitize complex coats of arms, sign and images.
- I do not create logos for the order (that is, you must send your image (logo) to my email.

Payment ?
Payment for the digitized design is made via Paypal as well - as all payments on my website. After creating your image, I will send you a preview and, after your approval, will issue an invoice for payment - after payment, the digital program will be sent to your email. You will receive a digital program, a color chart, invoice. Photo as evidence of testing the created design.

As I wrote in the introduction - I'm still creating lace digitization for my website and that's also my main job.
I will accept a limited number of orders each week. I need time for my own work.

I also ask for patience before I reply to your email - most of my customers live in a different time zone and at a time when my customers have a day so I have a night. Please be patient. If I'm online, I'll answer very quickly.
Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day