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By confirming and properly purchasing, you receive permission to use the files created by
 Embroidery by TM - designs by Teresa s.r.o.
Agreement between the purchaser and the copyright owner, i.e. the company
Czech Republic, Strelnicni 979, Frenstat pod Radhostem
ICO: 194 61 755
VAT number.: CZ19461755
Entered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ostrava on 21 June 2023, Section C, Insert 92969

Purchased desings from Embroidery by TM - designs by Teresa s.r.o. are protected by copyright. The purchase
permits you to make two backup copy for you personal use only.
The design files and instructions may not be altered, loaned, resold,
or shared in any form.
-It is not allowed to use our photographs in any way without
our consent.
All our photographs and instructions are watermarked.
- You can not use any part of the embroidery combination
with a design that you did not purchase from us.

Embroidery by TM - designs by Teresa s.r.o. Copyright Policy
You can sell all the embroidered items that you make with the purchased design.
When using the design for crafts other than embroidery, you are welcome to make items for personal
use and gifts for family and friends.
- No sales of our embroidery designs.
- Any violation of this agreement may lead to legal action.
When purchasing designs from Embroidery by TM - designs by Teresa s.r.o., you agree to
the above conditions.

- Embroidery by TM - designs by Teresa s.r.o. are not allowed for serial large scale production.

- No modification of the design is allowed.

If you are selling an embroidery machine, it is not possible to sell designs purchased from us at
the same time as the embroidery machine (designs recorded on the embroidery machine,
on USB or CD). If you do so, it is illegal manipulation of my designs that are protected by copyright.
You must always contact us.

Embroidery by TM - designs by Teresa s.r.o. grants you the right to use designs created by
Embroidery by TM - designs by Teresa s.r.o. for an
indefinite period of time provided you comply with the above terms.
In the event of any breach of our terms, you lose your right to this used.

Thank you very much for your purchase