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Spring flowers by TM / embroidery designs/more variants

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This design is not FSL!

Difficulty: Beginner

This is a machine embroidery design not a patch. You need to transfer the files to your embroidery machine to use it.

I embroidered this design on linen. On the underside I used a Gunold / Stiffy 1640B / Tear-Away / iron-on stabilizer. And a stabilizer from Gunold / Stiffy 1640 / Tear-Away. After embroidering I removed the stabilizers and the design was ironed. If you use a metallic thread - reduce the thread tension on the embroidery machine and also the embroidery speed.

You can find the hoop sizes and a preview of the pattern in the photo gallery.

Size hoop and stitches :
6x10 hoop corner design: 5.96x5.93 inches / 25262 stitches
8x12 hoop corner design: 6.67x6.63 inches / 28184 stitches
4x4 hoop : 3.09x3.62 inches/ 11306 stitches
5x7 hoop with daffodil : 3.28x6.99 inches/ 17959 stitches
5x7 hoop without daffodil : 1.72x5.52 inches/ 11008 stitches
6x10 hoop large design : 2.24x9.48 inches/ 24146 stitches

FThe zip folder contains :
Color chart PDF
Copyright PDF

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